Are you passionate about health, wellness, and delicious breakfast options? Join our affiliate program and become a valued partner in promoting the ProBite brand. Here's how it works:

  1. Sign Up: Begin your journey by signing up for our affiliate program. Simply fill out the application form provided on our website – under your account. We’ll ask for some basic information about you and your online presence to help us understand your audience and potential reach.

  2. Application Review: Once you’ve submitted your application, our team will carefully review it to ensure that we’re the right fit for each other. We’ll assess factors such as your social media presence, engagement, and alignment with our brand values.

  3. Approval Process: If your application is approved, congratulations! You’ll receive an email notification confirming your acceptance into the affiliate program. From there, you’ll gain access to your unique affiliate dashboard, where you can track your performance and earnings.

  4. Start Promoting: With your affiliate account activated, it’s time to start promoting ProBite to your audience. Share your personalized affiliate link or discount code with your followers and encourage them to try our delicious cereal – your code gives them 10% off. You’ll earn a generous 10% commission on every sale generated through your unique link or code.

  5. Earn Commissions: As your audience engages with your content and makes purchases using your affiliate link or code, you’ll start earning commissions. Our transparent commission structure ensures that you receive 10% of the total sale amount for every successful referral.

  6. Track Your Progress: Keep track of your affiliate performance and earnings through your dedicated dashboard. Monitor key metrics such as clicks, conversions, and commissions to gauge the effectiveness of your promotional efforts.

  7. Receive Payouts: Once you’ve reached the minimum payout threshold, you’ll be eligible to receive your commissions. We offer hassle-free payment processing to ensure that you receive your earnings in a timely manner.

Join the ProBite Affiliate Program today and become part of our growing community of health enthusiasts and brand advocates. Together, we'll spread the word about the benefits of ProBite and help more people enjoy a nutritious and delicious start to their day!

Number of ProBite Affiliates
  1. Promotion: Affiliates are encouraged to share their unique discount code organically with their audience. Heavy promotion and paid advertising are not required.
  2. Commission: Affiliates earn a 10% commission on each purchase made using their unique discount code.
  3. Brand Alignment: Affiliates must maintain alignment with ProBite’s brand image and values. Any actions that harm the brand’s reputation will result in immediate termination of the affiliate agreement and forfeiture of commissions.
  4. Commission Payouts: Commissions are paid out once a month, typically around the end of the month, via the preferred payment method specified by the affiliate.
  5. Code Usage: Affiliates should ensure that their discount code is used responsibly and does not violate any terms of service or community guidelines on platforms where it is shared.
  6. Content Resharing and Ownership: ProBite acknowledges that Affiliate Partners retain ownership and intellectual property rights to their original content (hereinafter referred to as “Affiliate Content”). By participating in the ProBite affiliate program, Affiliate Partners grant ProBite the non-exclusive right to reshare their Affiliate Content for promotional purposes. Affiliate Partners also grant ProBite a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, distribute, and display the Affiliate Content solely for promotional purposes during the duration of the affiliate agreement.
  7. Term Duration: The affiliate agreement is ongoing unless terminated by either party.
You will be asked if you accept these terms, and you must accept these terms to be able to submit your Affiliate Application.